West Sussex Weekend.

We had a great weekend down in deepest West Sussex with the friends we usually visit in Henley.  These weekends are typically marked with lots of catching up, a trio of good natured hounds, good food, pottering in the kitchen wine and country walks.  The fact that our get together had relocated to their Sussex home didn’t change the format at all except that we walked by the sea rather than the Thames and there was a lack of the swimming pool and chickens.  We arrived after a too long a drive for a Friday evening at 9pm to be shown around the beautiful house as it was our first visit, chilled glass of wine in hand, and we soon forgot all about the roads and the Friday night traffic.  Supper soon followed (local crab folded into a rich tomato sauce and served with rigatoni, followed by baked home grown plums with squishy meringues and home made Snickers bar – a sort of superior millionaire’s shortbread type of thing).  Bed followed in the luxurious guest suite.  The next day was all walks by the sea, friends training down from London to join us for the day, posh fish and chips in the garden, in the sun, newspapers, dogs, more wine and so on.  We visited a boatyard full of a mixture of dead boats and brand new fiberglass bits of boats, fabulous for taking pictures.  I took plenty and a few of the Hipstamatic ones are here.  I took loads on my ‘real’ camera, but haven’t got into those yet.  Supper was a nice graze through the fridge (more crab, avocado, roasted beetroot and orange salad wrapped up with more delicious home made cakes).  Sunday was more walks with dogs, a different view of the sea, more newspapers, truffled eggs and home made toast.  Not long after that, lunch at the Crab and Lobster in Sidlesham, near Pagham Harbour where I had yet more crab, devilled this time and home for more cake, tea, harvesting of apples and sloes (of which more later) and then the miserable four and a half hour drive home. Worth every minute of it!

The pictures here are from the apple orchard, the boatyard and lunch in the garden!











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