Underground Walking Tours Photos

My Underground Walking Tours photos which I shot way back in freezing cold February have finally gone live and been published!  They’re in two publications, the first is The Guide, the national trade magazine for the Institute of Tourist Guiding and features my pictures of Sue Grimditch of New Manchester Tours in the massive underground spaces below the Great Northern Warehouse in the city centre.  The underground pictures were really tricky as there was limited time as the people on the tour were real-life fee paying customers and Sue didn’t want me monopolising them for photographs when they wanted to be getting their facts about the subterranean life of the city, it was also pretty much pitch black once we left the big space in the photo below and I didn’t have any lights with me, but the customers did have torches with them so they did the trick for the picture at the bottom of the second page.  Worst of all though was the way my camera and lenses steamed up as soon as they reached the damp and steamy climate down the long metal staircase so precious time was wasted as I rather hysterically waited for my kit to become usable!  So all things considered, I think they turned out rather well!


The second pictures are of Ed Glinert and his group, shot on the same day as Sue’s pictures above.  The magazine picked my favourite picture of the day which was in a brick strewn corridor leading from the large lit space (in Sue’s picture above) into a rather mysterious area with small enclosures and some moody lights.  It was shot on a tripod for quite a while as it was actually much darker than the picture suggests, the people in the picture must have been pretty still, perhaps taking some photos themselves?  I think it captures the atmosphere of the location well.

The pictures of Ed are in the MCR11 Magazine which you can see here.


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