Scenic Decay in Havana.

I’ve been looking through some of my less immediately loved photos from Cuba.  There’s always a subconscious hierarchy to a big batch of photos from a trip, there are the ones which you fall in love with at the time, they just look so good on the screen that you instinctively know that they will make fabulous prints. When you get home and see them all on the big computer screen, there are dozens which thrill straight away, all they need is a bit of a tweak and polish and they’re ready to go – all those happy memories in a perfectly saleable print-sized bundle.  Then when the first enthusiasm has worn off and other shoots have moved to the top of the list, you pop back to resize something every so often and in a bored moment, you scroll through to remind you of the blaze of colour and the mojito flavoured views and there are always some images which you somehow missed before.  And when you’ve done all that, when you’re feeling very dull you might start at the beginning and go through one by one to see what you’ve missed, if your eye has changed something will pop out which didn’t previously.  That’s what happened today.  I’ve rediscovered two photos which have been passed over countless times and have now left the Lightroom Catalogue to see the light of day.

So, here are my new Scenic Decay in Havana pictures.

First a glamorous streak of slightly battered Art Deco style vintage American automobile cropped tightly as to be almost abstract.  You can see all of my Cuba prints in my Etsy shop in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Next is this battered staircase in the entrance to a residential building in Havana.  It has undoubtedly seen far better days, but there’s always something charming in decay……
Find the print here.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Erin Beutel says:

    Beautiful! I really need to go through some old pictures soon. Rediscovering is fun!


    1. It’s always thrilling when you find something you previously missed – don’t put it off!


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