Small Shops of Morocco

Continuing in a similar vein to my previous post which was about local food shops, I have been re-visiting some pictures which I shot in Morocco of small shops in and around the medinas of various towns we visited.  I found them very hard to work on due to the dark and shadowy interiors which I struggled to edit successfully with the version of Lightroom I had at the time.  As well as the gloomy insides I found that several of the shots were at rather jaunty angles and that’s one thing which really irritates me when I’m editing as I like my images to be straight on with no perspective tilt – don’t know why, it’s just one of those things, perhaps it’s to do with my long-ago graphics training?  But, joy of joys, the brand spanking Lightroom 5 which I’ve been playing with in Beta has a brilliant new ‘upright’ feature which tweaks your jauntily angled photos with far less hassle than before.  This has meant that I can sort out the irritating angles while fixing the gloomy shop interiors with the splendid shadow reduction and noise reduction tools (not new in version 5, but much improved since I shot the pictures and abandoned them).

I love the firmly closed doors of the ladies hairdressers with the posters of rather scary aspirational ‘dos on the door and it’s male counterpart (shot in different towns) with the door wide open and the next customer having a nice rest outside even if he is looking rather grumpy.  A couple of the shops are very mysterious, there’s the one full of brown paper packages (…tied up with string?) and the one where the whole back wall is covered in twigs and there are three packets of bread on the table, and no, it isn’t a bakery.  Then there’s the wonderful sewing machine shop where there are more makes and vintages of machines than you can shake a stick at – beats John Lewis any day!

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