Slow Shutter Cam Photos on iPhone

I love to take photos from the windows of a car.  No, not when I’m driving (although I confess to trying that too, in stationary traffic anyway), but when I’m a passenger and there are some interesting colours going on outside.  It’s easy to experiment with a DSLR as you can manually set all the appropriate settings until you reach your perfect result but not so easy on an iPhone.  I hadn’t tried shooting slow shutter pictures with my new iPhone 6+ and while on a particularly dull tram journey in Manchester without a book or sketch book I decided to have a go.  The built in camera didn’t really work very well and so I thought I’d take advantage of Metrolink’s free wifi and download a brand new shiny app while I was on the go – the wonders of technology!  I had a look at a few apps and settled on SlowShutterCam which had plenty of high rating reviews and didn’t look to fussy.  There are plenty of options, which I have yet to explore fully – a longer journey will be necessary for that!  I set it to motion blur, a low blur strength and a four second shutter speed (of a maximum of 60 seconds and bulb).  Other blur options are light trail and low light which sound worth a fiddle with too.  I pretty much randomly hit the shutter and ended up with some rather satisfying results.  Some brightly coloured fields, interesting fencing and good skies would produce much more interesting results, but for a wet Tuesday tram journey in Manchester, I don’t think that I did too badly!

IMG_8322 IMG_8315 IMG_8318 IMG_8317


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