Roadside Cafe on the A5 in Wales.

Last week we had a family outing to Portmerion in North Wales to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday.  Our first port of call was the splendid Ruthin Craft Centre which has been totally rebuilt since my last (first) visit many years ago and was even better than I remember.  From there we headed into some serious scenery towards Betws-y-Coed and on the way we came across this little roadside cafe on the A5.  I haven’t photographed one for literally years and was absurdly pleased and as I was driving at the time, managed to pull in to the lay-bye in time and subjected my family to a sit and a wait while I shot it from every angle.  These were the first photos I’d taken with my brand new 35mm lens which wasn’t wide enough for me to get a full on frontal shot, which is how I like to shoot roadside cafes if possible, so I had to angle the view, but I think it works.  To see the rest of my roadside cafe collection, click here.



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  1. Craig hay says:

    i can thoroughy recommend this butty bar as ive stopped many times for breakfast
    whilst on business .the food is great value for money and the company good aswell
    paul and eunis are the owners and very nice people so pop in and say hello
    craig hay (hopwells frozen foods)


    1. Hi Craig – it’s great to have feedback from a real customer! I’ll make time for a cuppa next time – Sarah


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