2016 Calendars

Every year in my Etsy shop I sell calendars, it’s become a bit of a tradition.  I usually offer a selection of 5×7 inch desk calendars with optional mini wooden easel.  This year is no different, except that I am having the pages professionally printed rather than printing and trimming them myself.  I fancied having them with a choice of glossy and lustre finish as a change from the super white matte paper I have always used.  They look very nice and it’s a pleasure not to have to do the trimming of the Super A3 sheets!

So far I have in my shop calendars with pictures from Crete, Morocco and Italy, as well as the usual graffiti (which has to date, been the bestseller every single year!).  In the past I have made them with windows and doors from Provence, scanned shopping lists, flowers and nature and I did a black and white version one year which looked great.  I will most likely add to the list of 2016 offerings very soon.

Below you can see each month for each of my four calendars, each of which comes with a cover sheet as well.

2016 Graffiti Listing layout 2016 Crete Listing layout 2016 Italy Listing layout

2016 Morocco Listing layout


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