Outdoor adventures in Anglesey.

We visited our good friends Wil and Ann in Anglesey for the weekend and despite a gloomy and drizzly start we were gratefully rewarded by splendid weather.  It was like summer on Sunday which is pretty good for the first day of November.

Our first visit was to Parys Mountain in Amlwch, it was the world’s copper mining centre from 1768, it’s a massive open cast site which is now an impressive scar on the bleak landscape.  The land is vibrant in it’s hues of orangey copper, reds, yellows, blacks and greens.  It’s a very alien place which can easily be imagined as a set for a post-apocalyptic film!  Obviously it’s great for taking photos and here are a couple from our visit.


Parys Mountain Bridge
Parys Mountain ‘Great Open Cast’

The next day we visited more conventionally beautiful places, the first stop was the Heritage Museum at Swtan in Porth Swtan (Church Bay) which is a fully restored 17th century Welsh cottage with a thatched roof.  Unfortunately it was shut but the outside was worth a visit, it was a glorious day and the orange corrugated shed extension against the bright blue sky really caught my eye. (obviously not part of the 17th century original, it’s the smart new learning centre)

Swtan Heritage Centre
Heritage Museum at Swtan

It was just a short walk down the steep curving path to the beach which was fabulously illuminated by the morning sun and I spent time shooting up the curve and right into the sun to exaggerate the dramatic highlights of the sparkling dew on the grass as I find it hard to resist a nice sun-spot and some dramatic flare. We townies inhaled plenty of the good Welsh sea air and stretched our legs in a very leisurely manner on the sandy beach.

Church Bay Path
Church Bay Slope

From there we headed to our favourite local beach at Cemlyn (local to our friends’ not us, unfortunately) where we go on every visit – it’s the nearest my husband and I have to our own beach and it’s aways a pleasure to explore the rocks and to admire the ever present rock piles which have been left precariously balancing by earlier visitors.

Rock Pile at Cemlyn Bay
Rock Pile at Cemlyn Bay

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