A new blogging direction.

When I started to get serious about my Iyengar yoga, around the time I embarked on teacher training, I decided that I wouldn’t write about it.  I found many yoga blogs intently irritating and really didn’t like to read them so obviously I wouldn’t want to emulate anything like that!  At that time (Spring 2012) I was a regular blogger and mainly wrote about photography as that was my main occupation at the time and I thought that my yoga ramblings would look somewhat out of place to all of the prospective clients I hoped (in vain as it happened) to read my blog.

Now that I am fully fledged Iyengar yoga teacher I am less involved day to day with photography, although I’m still running my Etsy shop and would happily take any commissions/shoots which may come my way, I am far more occupied day to day with my fledgling yoga business.

I have started a new blog which will be more wide ranging than my last new blog and will feature my writings about yoga, photography, cooking (my longest standing passion) and my new pastime of urban sketching.  As well as anything else which comes to mind.

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