117 Days to Go

I’m sorry to do this to you, but there are 117 days to go – to go until New Year’s Day 2017.

I don’t find this as scary as the other ‘xx days to go’ countdown, you know the one I mean, the one signalling copious lists and spending of money – shopping, food, presents, events and all that palaver.  I’m no fan of Xmas/Christmas/Chrismukkah/Wintermas whatever you wish to call it, but as an Etsy shop owner I feel compelled every year to offer a fine array of calendars and a sprinkling of Xmas (my term of preference) cards.

First up each year are my calendar templates and I like to have a couple available to early bird shoppers before I go on my hols in September.  I’m on track this year and am pleased to offer for purchase two downloadable calendar templates.  One is for a 5×7″ loose leaf version, one month per page with three cover options and for the first time ever with the option of a Sunday or Monday week start (many hours in Photoshop for this upgrade!).  The templates open up in Photoshop and with minimal knowledge and a recent version of the software you’ll be able to very easily insert your own images to each month.  When you’re done, print them out (preferably at a lab for maximum quality) to give as gifts or even to sell on yourself.

As well as the 5×7″ I have a 16×20″ wall calendar with one big image (upload your own) and a whole year’s worth of dates on one sheet.

I will be adding ready printed calendars soon which will feature 12 of my photos in a range of themes and they will be available from my Etsy shop also and are always very popular as gifts!

Blank listing landscape

You can find the full details of this 5×7″ calendar template here.

16x20 listing

You can find the full details of this 16×20″ calendar template here.

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